Bellingham Police Department: Canine Unit

The store is empty and street lights are the only thing illuminating the space. Shadows of the various taxidermied bears, goats, and moose that line the walls cast jagged shapes across the floor.… Continue reading

Photo Story: The New Black Friday and Holiday Shopping

This year, for the first time, stores opened their doors for Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving night. Walmart opened its doors at 6 p.m. Thursday night while other stores such as Macy’s, JCPenney and… Continue reading

Assignment #6: Stand-alone Feature Photo


Practice: Stand-alone Feature Photo

This week during class we had an 90 minutes to go take a “stand- alone photo.” Luckily, it was just practice for our graded assignment next week. I walked around campus trying to… Continue reading

Assignment #5: Photo Illustration

This week our assignment was to find a news story without a picture, and take a photo for it. This was our opportunity to “create” a photo, much different than our previous “documentary”… Continue reading

Motion: Continued

I wanted to practice capturing motion some more, so I attended one of Pam’s dance classes at Western Washington University. Here are a few pictures I took while there.

Assignment #4: Motion

Pam Kuntz, 43, has taught dance classes to people with movement and neurological disorders for the past few years through Bellingham’s YWCA. Every Thursday a group of people meet and work with Kuntz… Continue reading

Assignment #3: Emotion & Relationship

Assignment #2: Personality & Environment

This week I had the pleasure to meet Gordon Tweit. After 61 years of being a pharmacist at the Fairhaven Pharmacy, Gordon Tweit, 87, gave up his license this year. Tweit began working… Continue reading

Assignment #1: Icebreaker Photos

“What is your proudest accomplishment in life?” That is the question. Ask six strangers this questions, and take a picture.  That is the assignment.