Assignment #1: Icebreaker Photos

“What is your proudest accomplishment in life?” That is the question.

Ask six strangers this questions, and take a picture.  That is the assignment.


Ridgely and Wally Hoyt-Whitaker
Ages: 65 and 66
Married for 31 years, Ridgely and Wally agreed that their proudest accomplishment is their children. “Raising a daughter who didn’t turn out like I did when I was in my 20’s,” Ridgely added. When I asked Wally the same question Ridgely jumped in and joked that “growing a beard” was his biggest accomplishment.



Penelope Carrim
Age: 17
Last year Carrim made a documentary for her film class and it is her proudest accomplishment. “It was just a general over view of sheep, and like how they live.” She focused on an Icelandic sheep farm and it was her “second serious film” she made.


When I asked what Russ’ biggest accomplishment was her face expressed pure confusion. So I morphed the question into, “What is the coolest thing you’ve done?” With that she decided that traveling to Italy was the coolest thing. Turning to her sister Russ asked, “What is that fountain called?” Her sister laughed, “The Trevi Fountain.”


Connie Wright
Age: 62
Wright simply said, “Getting married and having children.”


Kayla Russ
Age: 22
As a creative writing major, Russ’ proudest accomplishment was getting into Western Washington University. “I’m a definitely a writing person,” Russ laughed.


Cody Olson
Age: 27
Olson has been a glass blower for Mothership Glass, a Bellingham company, for the past two years. He said working for Mothership is his dream job and by far his proudest accomplishment. “Do you have Netflix? There is a movie on there with Mothership in it” he explained as he talked about Mothership Glass.