Assignment #3: Emotion & Relationship


Raya Stiles, 5, unsure of a nearby fake spider hesitates before continuing her walk through the haunted house at Gabriel’s Art Kids Halloween Spooktacular event on October 19. After passing the hairy monster Stiles said, “I’m not scared of anything!”


Trina Stiles comforts her daughter, Raya, in the haunted house.


Young girls skeptically enter the haunted house, while their friend charges ahead.

hallie collage

Hallie Reaper, 3, sits patiently as she gets her face painted at one of the stations at the Halloween Spooktacular.


Hallie smiles as she sees her new face paint for the first time in the mirror. “I’m a fairy! A sprinkle fairy,” Reaper giggles after it’s all finished.