Practice: Stand-alone Feature Photo


In order to win the MOGA Mega Video Competition, Gianni films a scene from their commercial of Mikaela reading a book over looking the bay on the sunny afternoon of Nov. 21

This week during class we had an 90 minutes to go take a “stand- alone photo.” Luckily, it was just practice for our graded assignment next week.

I walked around campus trying to think of something unique. I cam across a newlywed couple filming outside the PAC over looking Bellingham Bay. The couple was filming a short commercial for the MOGA Mega Video Competition, hoping to win one of the 6 Red Scarlet-X camera packages and $25,000 cash.

Gianni (filming) and Mikaela (actress) Basile have been married for 2 months. Mikaela is a senior at WWU and majoring in linguistics. Gianni proposed to her with candles leading her to Red Square from her dorm.